Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Hindustani Classical Music : 10 Gems Part 1

From now on I have decided to post 10 of my favourite songs every few days or so and their download links as well, for your listening pleasure at a later time. This week I am posting a few gems from the wondrous duos of Nazakat & Salamat Ali Khan, Amanat & Fateh Ali Khan (Patiala Gharana) and other maestros.

A Kanan - Thumri Khamaj :  (Download)

Ajoy Chakrabarty - Thumri Kajri - Damini Damke :  (Download)

Nazakat & Salamat Ali Khan - Peelu :  (Download)

Salamat Ali Khan - Thumri Khamaj :  (Download)

Shobha Gurtu - Dadra Pilu - Hamari Atariya Pe :  (Download)

Amanat & Fateh Ali Khan - Malkauns - Koyaliya Bole :  (Download)

Amanat & Fateh Ali Khan - Yaman - Na Ja Pardes :  (Download)

Fateh Ali Khan - Jaunpuri :  (Download)

Jagdish Prasad - Khamaj :  (Download)

Latafat Hussain Khan - Patdipki :  (Download)

Enjoy !!


Anonymous said...

With this invaluable collection, you have made our lives better, richer, meaningful !

You have all my blessings !!

Anonymous said...

Do you have Sanjeev Abhyankar's Bandish' from album 'Megh'. I have seen "Barkha ritu aayi" here. How about others ? If you have those here, it will add to the unfathomable value of this collection !

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