Monday, December 28, 2009

Four enchanting folk tunes

Indian folk music is diverse because of India's vast cultural diversity. Folk music has been influential on classical music, which is viewed as a higher art form. Folk instruments and styles have impacted classical Ragas since ages. It is not uncommon for classical artists, both vocalists and instrumentalists, to perform in semi-classical or Thumri style. Presented here are a few musical pieces performed by some of the most renowned artists, in the light classical mood or folk form.

Bismillah Khan - Banarasi Folk Dhun (Shehnai) :  Download

Ali Akbar Khan - Come Back My Love (Sarod) :  Download

Sultan Khan - So Ja Re (Rajasthani Folk on Sarangi) :  Download

Shujaat Khan - Lajo Lajo (Punjabi Folk on Sitar) :  Download

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