Sunday, February 21, 2010

Holi : five drops of Color

No festival of India is such an important constituent of our traditional classical and folk music as Holi. This festival of colors, is one that adorns our lives with the synergy of celebrative air and music. This joyous festival is in tune with the gaiety of the spring season when this festival is held. The windswept, withering, winter scene is truly dabbed away with the vibrant colors of blossoming flowers heralding spring, a time for the earth to rejuvenate. The refreshing southern breeze successfully chases out the chilly northern wind, in the Hindu month of 'Phalgun'. The fervor, fun and frolic of the festival reflect the essence of harvest and hope.

Ajoy Chakrabarty - Aaj Phagua Mein Hori Machi Hai :  Download

Girija Devi & Shobha Gurtu - Bhijoyi Mori Chunari :  Download

Ghulam Mustafa Khan - Piya Sang Khelun Hori :  Download

Channulal Mishra - Barjori Karo Na Mose Hori Mein :  Download

Anita Sen - Nand Ke Lalan Ke Rang Darungi :  Download

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Harish Hebbar said...

Hello Sir,
I liked all your articles.

Here is my blog

I am interested in Amir Khan gayaki. If you have info, please share through blog.

indianraga said...

Please go through this article :

Amir Khan : the unorthodox revolutionary

music said...

why dou say amir is unorthodox revolutionary

indianraga said...

Because unlike his contemporaries, he did not believe in the Gharana system. It is another matter that Indore Gharana was built by those who followed his style. He also had a different point of view on 'Tarana'. He maintained an unique style in his singing and refrained from singing Thumris and Dadras.

vijay kumar said...

Really a marvelous collection. This is the collection I was in search of since 15-20 years. No where I got except here. My whole family, especially My PAPA JI loved it.
-----------Atul Saxena

Dilkash said...

I like piya sang khelun hori by ustad rashid khan if u have show me

Anonymous said...

Sorry, none of the audio clips are true Holi. Holi gayaki is a peculiar form of singing and the true mood of Holi is found is Raga Kafi and Pilu, some in Basant and even in Bhairavi.

Holi gayaki is different from Kajri, dadra or Thumari of Purabi ang.
Rajiv Shukla

latest holi cards online india 2013 said...

Holi is a colorful festival celebrated by Hindus. Its also known as Phagwah, Doḷajata. Mainly this festival is celebrated in India and Nepal. Your colorful images are very interesting.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the information above. Pls can you you provide some information about Anita Sen.
I have come across some of her classics in the net , but nothing in the music stores !!
some guidence in this direction plz.

KC Kolkata .

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