Sunday, April 04, 2010

Piano, Tabla and Indian vocals

Another good example of western bands collaborating with Indian vocalists to produce collusive music, Rag Bagashree by Larry Porter Tabla Trio is a good buy, if only for the excellent Piano played by the band leader Larry Porter. This coming-together of east and west took place when Indian vocalist Purvi Parikh and Girish Sanzgiri, vocalist and a senior accounts executive by profession, were on tour in Europe giving workshops in Indian classical music. The idea was to use the traditional North Indian style of interpreting a Raga, in this case Raga Bageshree, in bringing together the two vocalists and jazz Piano and Tabla trio. The result is rare indeed and a tribute to the openness of the musicians involved. Purists of Indian classical music may frown upon such fusions, but such are the ways of the bold and adventurous. The recording is a bit amateurish, though.

Larry Porter Trio, Purvi Parikh & Girish Sanzgiri - Alap & Gat :  Download

Larry Porter Trio, Purvi Parikh & Girish Sanzgiri - Gat in Teental :  Download

Credits :
Purvi Parikh : Vocal
Girish Sanzgiri : Vocal
Larry Porter : Piano
Henning Sieverts : Bass
Paul Leake : Tabla

Recorded at Unterfahrt, Munich, November 15, 1992.


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this is one of the most unique things i have ever heard. it has brought me much joy. thank you for this and all your other wonderful posts

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Incredible! Better than Alice Coltrane!! Where do I get more?

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Maybe on this blog in my future posts.

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