Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Four Random Songs 12

Presented in this post are a few gems from some of the most renowned artists of Indian classical music. These songs were picked up by me from various music forums and sites. A couple of these songs have been specially uploaded on visitors' requests. If your requested song is not here, please wait for the next Random Songs post.

Bhimsen Joshi - Thumri Bhairavi - Babul Mora Naihar :  Download

Kishori Amonkar - Bhajan - Jogiya Se Preet Kiya :  Download

Rashid Khan - Raga Bhatiyar - Tadpat Beeti Sagari Raina :  Download

Shobha Gurtu - Madhmad Sarang - Sajna Baat Nirakhta Hari :  Download

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