Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Classical Music : secret treasure troves

For those of you who are thinking of having a Hindustani Classical Music collection of their own, here are a few very good links to start with :

Dr. Ashfaq Ali Khan's collection on mediafire.com :

Great collection, very rarely found private recordings included. My favorites are the Patiala-Kasur and Sham-Chaurasi Gharana folders. If deleted these files will be hard to find on the web, in the future. All classical music lovers, me included will always be indebted to Khan Sahab's generosity in sharing them with the world. He belongs to a now very rare to find, almost instinct species of genuine 'Rasikas' of hindustani classical music. An effort of a lifetime. As he has very aptly mentioned somewhere : 'Loot Sake To Loot' :


Another big resource of classical music on mediafire.com is karkenhalli's collecton:


Patiala-Kasur followers must also visit this link, an exclusive collection of the Gharana :


Raj Tendulkar's collection :


More 'non-eSnips' links will be posted soon.

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your website is amazing. thank you so much.

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