Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rashid Khan : Live in Shimoga Concert

Three songs by Rashid Khan at the Shimoga Concert in 2006, along with their download links :

Baato Baaton Mein Beet Gayi Raat :  (Download)

Sohni - Kahe Ujari Mori Neend :  (Download)

Sajan More Ghar Aaye :  (Download)

Enjoy !!


Parul said...

bahut nayaab site hai aapki..shukriyaa

Indian Raga said...

@Parul : Thanks for posting such nice and encouraging comments. Keep visiting !!

Anonymous said...

Gupta Ji,

Very few people dedicate their blog for pure classical music. It is highly appreciated and please include the rarest of the ragas by the Ustads and pandits of yesteryears.


Anonymous said...

It is a deam site for me...thanks for posting wonderfull classical music........

Anonymous said...

He has such a wonderful and soothing voice and a treat. One can learn so much even sitting so far away. Thanks for this gem of a site.

Anish Shah said...

its a great service that you are doing :)feels so good that someone is making an attempt to promote classical music
Thanks a lot

kya baat hai


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