Friday, May 15, 2009

Kumar Gandharva's son found Begging

He was once pitched as one of India's potential classical music stars. But Kumar Gandharva's son has now been found suffering from depression and crooning for booze. Classical singer Mukul Shivputra, 54, was spotted sitting on the road outside a temple, begging for money so that he could buy his next drink.

On May 7, Mukul Shivputra, unwashed and dishevelled, was seen begging for money to buy booze outside a Sai Baba temple in Bhopal. When a passerby recognised him, he managed to flee the spot and remained untraced for the next five days. Soon after hearing the news, Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan asked the culture department and the police to locate the singer.

Mukul Shivputra - Bageshree - Gunth Lao Malaniya :  (Download)

Mukul Shivputra - Bihagda - Mandarwa Me Ab :  (Download)

For five days, culture department officials and the cops searched for Mukul at several places, including temples in Bhopal. A team was rushed to Dewas, near Indore, where Mukul owns a house, then Nemawar and thereafter Jalgaon. The team however, returned empty handed. On May 12, a journalist saw him at the Hoshangabad railway station and informed the secretary, culture department. Officials found Mukul Shivputra suffering from dehydration. When the culture department contacted the singer's family, they refused to take him back home.

Mukul Shivputra - Patamanjiri - Sajal Naina :  (Download)

Mukul Shivputra - Shukla Bilawal - Laita Jaiyo :  (Download)

"He isn't begging because he is poor. He's mentally unstable", said a Bhopal based family source. "Having gone through a lot of mental stress, he took to alcohol and drugs. Mysterious disappearances have been quite normal with him. His family members parted ways with him because he splurged on drugs and alcohol even using debit and credit cards".

Source : The Times of India, 15th May, 2009.


mahesh said...

his friends have taken him with them. i pray he will be back to normal life..

divakar s natarajan said...

Thanks for your brilliant site on our magnificent musical traditions. Like most music lovers, I have been concerned by our singing saint's problem.

I have suggested that these may be considered in the background of our own attitudes and helplessness with substance abuse issues.

You and your esteemed visitors are welcome to candidly discuss these issues at Sprite Lee's Sathya.

Gawaksha said...

I think Patamanjiri is by Vasanrao deshpande.
Shekhar Sarpotdar

indianraga said...

I am very sure that the Patamanjiri is sung by Mukul Shivputra.

Anonymous said...

I first listened to him at Kamani Centre Nea Delhi in 1996. He was frequently intrrupted by knowleable musician and was given proper respect. May be he was hurt and got depressed. He needs family support to come.

Rajivan. AYYAPPAN said...

i think, perhaps, it is important for people, at least listeners, to consider Mukul's these gestures quite realistic...i mean nothing shocking about it... he sings great, he sings badly when he feels towards... is he really begging? i do not think so... there are many realities...mukul shows one among them....

Shailendra Mishra said...

Indianraga is absolutely right this indeed is Mukul Shivputra. Think about it a singer who has the ability to sing Patmanjari is in such dire straits.

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