Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Four Songs : my Choice 3

Once again I am posting a few songs of my choice, this time all in Raga Khamaj. For the uninitiated, Raga Khamaj is a late evening Raga usually sung in the light Thumri style.

A Kanan - Nindiya Na Jagao :  (Download)

Dinkar Kaikini - Katariya Na Maro :  (Download)

Shobha Gurtu - Chhabi Dikhla Ja :  (Download)

Bidur Mallik - Nazariya Lag Jayegi :  (Download)

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QUIZ : Give me the names of the male and female singers and the name of the Album/Film, and I will send you this rare song + a bestseller e-book (in Microsoft Reader .lit format) by email. Answer the questions in the comments to this post, and please don't forget to mention your email address.

Quiz Song : 2

P.S : Did anyone notice the new addition in the 'WHAT'S HOT' section of the sidebar. I just finished compiling a book out of posts on the now 'infamous' 'FAKE IPL PLAYER' blog (I love compiling e-books), and thought to share it with you. It's insanely hilarious. You must have Microsoft Reader installed to be able to read it.

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Dr.K.K.Goel said...

Quiz Solution---film bharrihari--singers-surendra and amirbai karnataki

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