Thursday, March 04, 2010

78rpm vintage : Mohammad Bandi

During 1902-1908 many ordinary artists of that period recorded for The Gramophone Company. They were the Bais, Jans or Bandis, otherwise known as dancing girls or courtesans, living under the patronage of kings and wealthy zamindars (landlords). Most of them belonged to Delhi, Agra, Lucknow, Allahabad, Benares, Patna and Calcutta. Among these many non-descript dancer singers was one called Mohammad Bandi of Patna. Until 1908, it was customary for all artists to announce their names at the end of each recording. This was necessary to facilitate the record pressing company in making the record labels. Listen to Mohammad Bandi announcing her name at the end of first three songs. These recordings are very rare and of great historical importance.

Mohammad Bandi - Holi (1907) :  Download

Mohammad Bandi - Barwa - Tori Banki Banki Chitwan (1907) :  Download

Mohammad Bandi - Raga Sindhu Kafi (1907) :  Download

Mohammad Bandi - Bayeen Nayan Mori Phadke (1908) :  Download

Mohammad Bandi - Bhairavi - Bajuband Khul Khul Jaye (1908) :  Download

Mohammad Bandi - Bhairavi - Nazar Main To Mar Aayi Re (1908) :  Download

Mohammad Bandi - Kafi Thumri (1908) :  Download

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