Monday, September 06, 2010

Live Concerts

The experience of attending a live concert of Indian classical music cannot be compared with any other musical experience. The accolades, the loud Wah Wahs, shouts of Kya Baat Hai may alarm a westerner who is attending an Indian concert for the first time. What lack of etiquette and shameful behavior of the audience, he may think. The travel to India guide book was true after all. Indians are really a noisy and uneducated bunch of natives. Disturbing or interrupting an artist's live performance (of classical nature) may not seem to be a proper thing to a western eye. But classical music of India thrives on such 'noise'. No Wah Wahs, no Kya Baat Hai, and the concert may be safely termed as a flop show. This is especially true if the performer is a vocalist. Enjoy the live concerts posted below.

Prabha Atre - Bhairavi - Bairan Ratiya Neend Churave :  Download

Arati Ankalikar - Dadra - Sajanwa Kaise Aaun Tore Paas :  Download

Kaushiki Chakrabarty - Bhairavi - Saiyan Nikas Gaye :  Download

Purvi Parikh - Kalavati - Sawan Bana Nagari :  Download

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