Friday, September 03, 2010

Four random songs 13

Continuing with my Random Songs series, presented here in this post are a few songs that I picked up from here and there while surfing the web, and also while hanging out on various music forums. These are excellent songs, a couple of them from the great maestros and the rest from our younger vocalists.

Mallikarjun Mansur - Sughrai - Piya Banjara :  Download

Ajoy Chakrabarty - Deshkar - Ayi Ri Badariya Sawan Ki :  Download

Manjiri Asanare - Adana - Rang Rang Mukh Pe Mat Phenko :  Download

Meeta Pandit - Bilaskhani Todi - Baje Boondariya :  Download

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Narayan Bhat said...

Thank you sir, for all the four songs.

Sharbori said...

Thank you for the songs. they are lovely.

i am finding it difficult to download the songs. any tips?

indianraga said...

Downloading the songs is very easy. Just right click the arrow icon given beside each song and choose "Save Target As.."

Hope this helps you.

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