Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rajasthan : Tunes of the Dunes 2

The striking feature of Rajasthan's music and dance is that there is great variety. In fact, nothing much has changed since the time of their inception, probably a thousand years back. The music and dance are rooted in tradition. Although music and dance are an integral part of the daily life of Rajasthan, it is more pronounced during festivals. Songs of ancient poets like Kabir, Malookdas and Meera have become an integral part of the Rajasthani folklore. Apart from festivals, music and dance are also performed during special occasions like marriage, and childbirth.

Moriya :  (Download)

Lehariya :  (Download)

Deewana :  (Download)

Jeera :  (Download)

Sapera :  (Download)

Mehndi :  (Download)

Morubai :  (Download)

The music of Rajasthan is very vibrant and the manner in which Rajasthani music has evolved by absorbing the unique features of its adjoining states like Gujarat, Haryana and Punjab has meant that Rajasthani music is bold and evocative. It has already carved a niche for itself in not only India but has also been very popular overseas, courtesy the 'Festival of India' shows that are conducted in western countries.

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Druid said...

Really like the vibes of the Tunes of the Desert music.

No artists are mentioned though so I'm at a loss as to the possibility of buying albums etc. I wouldn't mind listening to the music in higher quality :)

indianraga said...

These numbers are from the album 'Desert Melodies' by various artists. You may google it if you want to buy the CD.

Bhargav Saikia said...

Lovely post! Rajasthani music has always been fascinating.

saurabh said...

thanks for sharing such a good music.
good efforts dear.
i am waiting for more rajasthani songs.

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