Friday, June 05, 2009

Songs of the Monsoon

The monsoon is knocking at our doorstep. While the southern part of India is already drenched with heavy rainfall, the northern part of the country still awaits the sweet smell, that emanates from the first drop of rain falling on the sun baked earth. The rains have always been unpredictable, the science of meteorology notwithstanding. However, some things have remained steadfast down the centuries, and one of these is India's concept of monsoon music. Ragas that bring out the romance of rain are a part of our heritage.

Sanjeev Abhyankar - Barkha Ritu Aayi :  (Download)

Ashwini Bhide - Jhamak Jhuki Aayi Badariya :  (Download)

Channulal Mishra - Sawan Jhar Lagela :  (Download)

Ajay Pohankar - Garaje Ghata Ghan :  (Download)

QUIZ : Give me the names of the male and female singers and the name of the Album/Film, and I will send you this rare song + a bestseller e-book (in Microsoft Reader .lit format) by email. Answer the questions in the comments to this post, and please don’t forget to mention your email address.

Quiz Song : 3

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Anonymous said...

male singer:Mukesh
female singer:Suraiyya

Prabhakar said...

Suraiya and Mukesh from Lekh (1949)

Prabhakar Vaidya

Anonymous said...

Suraiya and Mukesh
Lekh (1949)

abhay said...

I m at sea near Holland,and believe me, your site is a real friend here. I was searching for good classical music and I found it here.Thanks
Abhay Deshpande

Anonymous said...

This is Suraiya with Shyam-

Anonymous said...

hi.. could you help me in identifying the raga of sawan jhar lagela dheere dheere...

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